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Unlimited Shopify web development services to help scale up your business and free up your time.

It's like having your own in-house development team

You won't ever have to look at code again, just delegate it to us and consider it done.

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We'll revise our work on a task until you are satisfied. Once we complete a task, we'll get started on the next one.

Can highly recommend Devuchi, super smooth to work with and delivers really great results.

Linus Hellberg

Co-Founder @ Montec

We make it simple and easy

Stop dealing with expensive agencies and unreliable freelancers. With our monthly service, consider your development tasks done.

It was a pleasure working with Devuchi. They are utmost professionals... I would highly recommend them.

Tom Bowser

Co-Founder @ Brite Lite

Submit your tasks

You'll have your very own dashboard to organize the development tasks you want done. Set up and manage your own task queue. Your dedicated project manager and developers will get started on work immediately.

Async communication

No need to waste time on calls and meetings. Your dedicated project manager will scope your task and respond quickly through your dashboard.

Invite your team

Add anyone on your team to your task dashboard. Everyone will be able to create tasks and track progress.

You'll love working with us

Delegate all of your development and tech tasks to us. Stop getting lost in code and focus on growing your brand.

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Fixed price

Pay the same monthly subscription every month, no hidden costs.

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Unlimited tasks

Submit as many tasks as you'd like, there are no limits.

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Fast turnaround

Most tasks are completed within 1-3 business days.

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Unlimited revisions

Review our work and request as many changes as you'd like until you are satisfied.

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Professional experience

We've been working on the Shopify platform since 2013, we know it inside and out.

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Clear communication

We'll stay top of your tasks, provide updates, and make sure you are always in the loop.

You'll save time & money

We help you with the two most important resources to you and your business.

 how we save you time image

Devuchi compared to freelancers

  • ❌ Freelancers - Time wasted creating job posts on freelance marketplace sites
  • ❌ Freelancers - Time wasted interviewing multiple candidates
  • ❌ Freelancers - Time wasted with uncommunicative or disappearing freelancers
  • ❌ Freelancers - Time wasted running into language barriers or cultural differences with overseas developers
  • ❌ Freelancers - Money wasted with hourly rates and large single project costs that add up quickly
  • ❌ Freelancers - Money wasted on developers who can't even get the job done
  • ❌ Freelancers - Money wasted having to pay freelance marketplace fees
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved not having to search for an experienced developer
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved with a fast task submission process and we get started on work ASAP
  • ✅ Devuchi - Money saved not having to pay hourly freelancer rates, large single project rates, or freelance marketplace fees
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Devuchi compared to agencies

  • ❌ Agencies - Time wasted having to find and interview multiple agencies
  • ❌ Agencies - Time wasted on endless on-boarding and kick-off calls for each project
  • ❌ Agencies - Time wasted on unnecessary meetings
  • ❌ Agencies - Time wasted on long project timelines
  • ❌ Agencies - Money wasted on massive hourly rates
  • ❌ Agencies - Money wasted on required minimum budgets and large commitments
  • ❌ Agencies - Money wasted on large costs where they end up outsourcing the work
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved skipping the agency search
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved with no calls or meetings for new projects necessary
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved with most tasks completed in 1-3 business days
  • ✅ Devuchi - Money saved not having to pay massive agency hourly rates or having to meet minimum budgets
 how we save you time image

Devuchi compared to salaried developers

  • ❌ Salaried developer - Time wasted creating job posts on hiring sites
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Time wasted interviewing multiple candidates
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Money wasted on massive yearly salaries plus benefits
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Money wasted during down-time when there is no work for a developer to do
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Time and money wasted competing for other businesses for experienced developers
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Time and money wasted when a hired developer does not end up being a good fit
  • ❌ Salaried developer - Time and money wasted when your developer leaves for a higher paying job
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time saved not having to interview developers
  • ✅ Devuchi - Money saved not having to pay a massive yearly salary plus benefits
  • ✅ Devuchi - Money saved when you can pause your Devuchi subscription during down-time
  • ✅ Devuchi - Time and money saved knowing you are working with expert Shopify developers

Excellent as always. We will continue to use Devuchi for projects moving forward.

Jake Ballard

Ecommerce Director @ Flatline Van Co.

We can handle all projects, big or small, short-term or full-time

Here are some examples of the type of Shopify development work and tasks that we can handle for you.

shopify theme development and customization image

Shopify theme development and customization

  • Make customizations to your existing theme
  • Set up a new theme
  • Upgrade your existing theme
  • Create a custom page template
  • Add new settings or custom sections to existing pages
third-party app and service support

Third-party app and service support

  • Install and set up Shopify apps
  • Install and set up external services and scripts
  • Update DNS settings
  • Customize third-party app functionality
  • Uninstall and remove app code
general support and maintenance image

General support and maintenance

  • Troubleshoot and fix theme issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix app issues
  • Update theme or app settings
  • Update product or collection settings
  • Fix urgent theme bugs

Seriously, we handle it all

Any type of Shopify development task you need done, just leave it to us.

Theme customizations

Custom functionality

Theme upgrades

Custom page templates

Custom quiz pages

Landing page creation

Bundle builder pages

Integrate third-party services

Update DNS settings

Subscription functionality

Fix theme bugs and issues

Site speed optimization

ADA compliance updates

Upsell sections

Custom private apps

Waitlist functionality

Free gift functionality

Cart customizations

Checkout customizations

Product page customizations

Mega menu customizations

Collection page customizations

Translate designs to code

And so much more...

Here are some of the brands that trust us

We've worked with some of the largest and most loved brands on Shopify.

All at a price that makes sense

One single, straight-forward monthly price. No untrackable hourly rates. No confusing task credit system. No massive per-project rates.

Unlimited Shopify Development

$1,997 per month

A full team of expert Shopify developers at your fingertips. Over 10+ years of experience. Tasks completed quickly. No contract, pause or cancel anytime.

What’s Included

  • Unlimited development
  • Unlimited task queue
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Expert Shopify developers
  • Fast communication
  • Quick task turnaround
  • Dedicated task dashboard
  • Sales increasing development projects newsletter
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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Want to see how easy it is to get development tasks done with Devuchi? Watch this video to see how it works.

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The average web developer salary in the United States will cost your business $70,000 plus benefits per year. 💸

A Devuchi unlimited Shopify development subscription will cost your business $23,964 per year. 🤔

You will save 65% or more on your development costs per year. 🤯

Single Task


Not sure if you want to commit to the monthly unlimited development service yet? Want to try out Devuchi first to see if it's right for you?

Let's work on a single, introductory development project together. You'll get access to your Devuchi dashboard to set up your task and get started working with your development team. Try us out before you commit!

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You can definitely hire a freelancer, but that takes a lot of time. Time to create a job post. Time to filter through candidates. Time to interview freelancers. Even if you do hire a developer after that, more issues can arise. The developer might not be able to complete the tasks you need done. They might not have the expertise. They might not be good at communicating. They could completely disappear. A lot of things can go wrong here which end up wasting your time and money.

With our monthly plan, you'll be getting a white glove experience. You will have a dedicated project manager who will scope out your tasks and give you a time estimate, reliable and constant commnication, and expert Shopify developers who know what they are doing.

The average annual salary in the United States for a full-time web developer is $70,000, plus benefits (source). It's also hard to hire a developer, as it is a hyper-competitive market. Businesses are battling it out to get the best devs. Shopify development is also a niche skill that not many web developers have knowledge of. It would take time for them to become proficient and learn it.

Our monthly plan adds up to be a fraction of what a salaried developer would cost you every year. We would also hit the ground running and be able to get any Shopify development task you need done immediately.

Absolutely. Once you are subscribed, you'll be able to add as many development tasks to your queue as you'd like. We will work on and complete your tasks one at a time.

After you have added tasks to your queue, your project manager will go over the first task and see if enough details were provided to see if we have all the information we need to get started on work. You will then get a time estimate of how long the task will take to complete, and we will get started working on it.

Once we finish work on the task, your project manager will let you know so that you can review and evaluate. You can provide feedback and request revisions as many times as you'd like. After you are satisfied and approve the work on the task, we can close the task out and get started on the next one. Then we repeat the process outlined above.

It depends entirely on the complexity of the development task you are requesting to be completed. Tasks that are well defined and of smaller scope can mostly be completed within 1 to 3 business days. Bigger tasks and projects with larger scope will take a longer time to complete. Your project manager will give you a time estimate for each task. They can also help to break down bigger projects into smaller tasks, so that they can be completed faster.

Not a problem, you can request as many revisions and changes as you'd like. We'll work on a task until you are satisfied.

Yes, you will be able to set up as many development tasks as you'd like. As soon as we complete a task and you approve it, we'll get started on the next task. Just let us know which task you want us to work on next.

Yes, we will need full access to your store in order for us to complete your requested tasks. This is so we can access your theme code and your store settings when necessary to complete any work.

The project manager and the Shopify developers specifically assigned to you will be accessing your store to work on your requested tasks.

Devuchi is a branch of Aesymmetric, a development focused Shopify agency. We are a team of global developers that has been working on the Shopify platform for many years. We've helped over 300 brands from all over the world on many projects. We are experts when it comes to Shopify development.

At this time, we do not offer a free trial of our monthly unlimited development service. We do offer a single task service offering so that you can experience our development project workflow and see if our monthly plan would be right for you.

Try us out for a month and you'll see that we are a better solution and experience than unreliable freelancers, expensive agencies, salaried full-time developers, or other related services. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you are not satisfied.

No. Due to the nature of development work, we do not offer refunds for our services.

Yes, there are some tasks that we will not work on. Some types of tasks we can't help with are:

  • Web design and other general design tasks
  • Marketing tasks
  • Data entry tasks
  • General administrative tasks
  • Phone or video call meetings or consultations
  • General web development not related to your Shopify store or the Shopify platform
  • Mobile app development of any kind
  • Creating Shopify apps that will be released on the public Shopify app store
  • Creating Shopify themes that will be released on the public Shopify theme store
  • Training or management of developers outside Devuchi
  • Any development task that would go against the Shopify terms of service

One subscription will cover us working on one task on one store at a time. For example, let's say you own and, and they are both separate stores. With one subscription plan, you can submit tasks for both stores, but we will only work on one task on one store at a time.

If you submit one task for and one task for, we will finish the one task for first, and when that task is completed and approved, we will begin work on the first task for

If you had a lot of tasks you needed to get done, and you wanted us to work on tasks for both and at the same time, you would need two subscriptions.

Absolutely. We work with many agencies that use us to handle on-going retainer and overflow development work for their clients. Contact us to learn more.

Amazing! Excellent work, excellent communication, and an all-around wonderful collaboration.

Laura Pearce

Co-Founder @ Pique